A woman lies peacefully with her eyes closed, wearing a headband. A professional with blue gloves applies a facial treatment using a brush. The setting appears to be a spa or skincare clinic. Various beauty products are visible in the background.
A woman with dark hair and protective glasses is lying down and receiving laser hair removal treatment on her armpit by a professional wearing black gloves. She is covered with a white towel.
A close-up of a person's forehead receiving a microneedling treatment. The image shows a hand in a blue glove holding a microneedling device above the skin, with a small dropper releasing liquid nearby. The focus is on the treatment area and the equipment.
A healthcare professional wearing a surgical cap, face mask, and gloves closely examines a patient's skin using a dermatoscope. The patient, with dark hair tied back, is positioned with their back facing the practitioner.
A person with short hair and fair skin is having their shoulder examined by a healthcare professional using a dermatoscope to check for skin cancer. The person is wearing a white tank top, and the focus is on their shoulder skin, as the professional aims to decode any complexities present.
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